Welcome to Evolve People Network

the network created by people professionals for people professionals

There has never been a better time to drive change. By coming together and working together we can drive that change faster, more efficiently and with a wider reach.


Our aim for the Evolve People Network is to connect, share, learn and elevate the people professionals and function in the region.


With a longer-term vision to collectively drive positive change in people leadership and workplaces. We want to shape the future.


Evolve People Network is the forum to show your intention to create a diverse, dynamic community across every industry and country in the region.

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About Us

We are a team of people professionals with over 100 years experience of people, culture and the region (shared between us!). We started the network to create a safe dynamic learning-sharing space for people professionals across the region to come together.

We have brought together over 200 people professionals across multiple industries and countries to be the change.

We are the leaders of change!
The leaders of disruption!
And leaders of making a difference!

We are here to develop the future people professionals using mentoring and coaching sharing knowledge and embracing the speed of change!

We will be going on this journey as a group and we hope you can join us to evolve!

What our members/founders say about us

Many of us working together, can enable the people function to Evolve. That’s exciting!

It is fascinating to see what the traditional HR roles transform into. The profession has evolved from a simple job into a mission – to make life better for people. For me the network is an opportunity to connect about the path different organisations take and how we can learn from each other’s challenges and opportunities. It’s a forum to connect, discuss and learn – an opportunity that enable us to adapt and influence an ever changing environment.

As the People function continues to flourish and the market continues to evolve, People specialists need an anchor to ensure we are not swept away and I sure that this network will provide this for every one of us involved.

I believe that everybody needs a purpose in their life and their careers. If it is possible for a person’s purpose to connect with their careers, that can create lives and careers that will have a meaningful impact on workplaces and communities.

The world of people is constantly evolving – whether it’s related to people themselves or how and where we work.  As a result the people profession has changed immensely over the past decades from being seen as an administration function to a strategic partner to the business being at the forefront of change.